Thoughts about the Mental Model for the Future

By Morten Leth Andersen

You always exist in two simultaneous states:
– Your present being and
– Your choices and acts of becoming.

In other words you carry the future in yourself right now!

It is not your past that projects your future. It is your own invisible workings (beliefs, sense of self and will) that connects you to or removes you from. I.e. when you imaging possible futures you broaden or narrow your present reality.

In all, it is your presensing of the future that is key. When you presence possible futures you are creating the future and even your present.

The only risk you can take in becoming your future self is not to take the risk. With your creativity, your openness for new connections and the future pull of your presenced future on your present actions, you can create the future.

Read more in the brilliant Theoy U by C. Otto Sharmer on leading from the emerging self, and in the rare, deep and fantastic book by George Land about the change process itself – Breakpoint and Beyond – Mastering the Future Today.

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